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Precision Iceblast Corporation is the oldest and most experienced dry ice blasting contracting company in the country with an impressive list of clientele scattered all around the world. We have been contracted to perform dry ice blasting projects in most industries such as food, printing, paper, tape, automotive, marine, military, restoration, manufacturing, etc. We manufacture our own equipment that uses high velocity streams of dry ice to clean, strip and to be utilized for surface preparation prior to painting. Our revolutionary technology is the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly method to clean almost any surface including bridges, ships, tanks, buildings, walls, ceilings and even for HRSG cleaning.


Iceblasting Provides

Reduced downtimeAccepts All Major Credit Cards
Reduced disassembly Hub-Zone Certified
Prolonged equipment life Woman Owned
Ideal for resurfacing and recoating SBA Certified


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